Still on top of things, SHOWstudio have just announced their latest project - a film collaboration with some of the world's hottest designers entitled Future Tense.

Now Showing at: http://www.showstudio.com

18 August - 18 September 2008
The maxim is true: fashion waits for no man. It is ceaseless -relentless, even - in its pursuit of the new. But why should this be a bad thing? Our latest film project, 'Future Tense', celebrates and showcases contemporary fashion's new generation of talent, from up-and-coming young upstarts to newly-established household names. Inspired by Hywel Davies' forthcoming opus '100 New Fashion Designers', we have invited a range of designers representative of twenty-first century fashion talent to create films of between 30 seconds and three
minutes in length, expounding and expressing their individual design ethos. Participating designers include Pierre Hardy, Rodarte, Peter Jensen, Lutz, Todd Lynn and Henrik Vibskov. Alongside each film will be a Q&A with each designer. In addition, 'Future Tense' will showcase
essays and features from the next batch of influential young fashion writers exploring themes raised by the designers, the films showcased and the integral concepts of SHOWstudio and 'Future Tense' itself.

Part of SHOWstudio and Nick Knight's continuing commitment to
innovation in fashion and online broadcasting, 'Future Tense' seeks to
nurture and promote startling new talent on the world-wide stage of

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