In February, Polaroid announced that they would be discontinuing the production of their iconic film and since then, a wave of active campaigns have sprung up online to fight against this decision. Most notably, Savepolaroid.com which was set up immediately after the announcement, set the ball rolling for submissions from all around the world, inviting people to upload onto Flickr their Polaroids along with a little story that tells people about what that image means to them and how they feel about Polaroids in general.

Savepolaroid.com now has over 4,000 members in their Flickr group and one of the founders Tod Brilliant has given a selection of his favourite submisisons thus far.
Rhiannon Adam, an avid Polaroid fan with over 200 Polaroid cameras also tried to set up a European offshoot of Savepolaroid.com but an overwhelming amount of interest in the site caused it to crash and she is trying to start her campaign back up. She told Dazed Digital her own Polaroid tale that expresses what the medium and its demise means to her.

In the new September issue of Dazed & Confused, they dedicated 24 pages to Polaroid and asked some of the world's leading visual artists to tell their own Polaroid tale.
Dazed Digital now invite everyone to upload their favourite Polaroids along with a sentence or two about their chosen image.

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