Until friday the trade show at +46 is going strong, here is some pics from exhibitors and guests.

Diane Pernet from ASWOF and also in the jury for this years +46 is here talking to Leon Martinsen who worked with Nicholas Richard for his new brand called Fight Them Hard.

Sandra Backlund happy as always walked around with Diane Pernet during the show.

One of the press groups from London working for, POP, ARENA HOMME, SHOWSTUDIO, VOGUE, INDEPENDENT, GUARDIAN..

Jussi Putkonen from the fantastic magazine Kasino A4.

My brother in the middle, Kristian Rajnai with Emelie from Nordic Light Hotel and Diane Pernet.

Nicholas Richard, with his new brand called Fight Them Hard,
You should really check it out cause it was one of the strongest brands I´ve seen here.

My good friend Martin Falck, with a super nice outfit, and ofcourse his hair. Always always really nice cuts. 

My beautiful girlfriend Yoo-Ri Ha to the right and Elin Skogkvist to the left.

Erik have been around +46 from the very start, and always helped us out. This year was the first year he didnt have time. 

Here is Nicholas Richards brand again. Fight Them Hard, see for yourself sorry for thiscrappy pic..

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