SHOWstudio just moved to Bruton Place, the old Maison Margiela shop in London and now after practicaly just moved in they opened a shop called SHOP.

" For the first time, the SHOWstudio SHOP will offer for sale some of the spectacular props that have graced iconic photographic shoots and catwalk shows, selected from historical and contemporary fashion imagery and created by set designers and fashion stylists including Simon Costin, Katy England, Simon Foxton, Shona Heath, Jane How, Michael Howells and Gideon Ponte.

Above are a few examples of the first items to grace the Bruton Place SHOWstudio SHOP: a minaturised Victorian greenhouse and oversized cherries created by Simon Costin for a Tim Walker campaign with Coco Rocha; the illuminated dollar-sign from our 2003 project SHOOT; a Union Jack customised by John Galliano for Nick Knight's 2001 portrait (as seen in our Past, Present and Couture project); and that stuffed Bengal tiger seen (alongside its very real counterpart) in Nick Knight's Crane Vs. Tiger imagery for Alexander McQueen PUMA and our Raw Power shoot footage. "

I have to go and see it. Get the famous dollar sign if its on sale.


Dubrovnik Fashion Week Part 2

Minna Palmqvist behind the scenes.

Here we have Nakkna preparing their show later on that night.
Here is Minna again, a bit stressed but cool as always.
So we went to the showarea and here was Ivana Barac, how graduated from London College of fashion, and I would say a bit inspired by Sandra Backlund.

Here is Guilermo Leon, my pictures form his show were to blurry but I got this image from Guilerma himself to the right and some old dubrovnik guy who is a perosnality in the city. He was a model back in the days and now got the chance to do it again.

Me and Claes from Nakkna on our way to the shows. The view and the weather are so nice.

Dubrovnik Fashion week

I just came home from Dubrovnik Fashion Week. Its the first year they arrange it, and they really mixed international designers and press with croatian designers and press.

Look at this view, it was so Beautiful.

Here is Marcela and Claes from Nakkna and Minna Palmqvist