Walking in Shoreditch!

Sorry for being so slow lately. Last week as you all now I had two jobs, finishing the exhibition at Djurgårdsbrunns världshus and at the same time finishing the storyboards.. I took an early flight to London on monday morning, the flight was late as usual with Sterling.. Had to order a cab to my house 4 am and came directly to the office around 10.30.. Had a super busy day, had to remake a lot of the storyboards I worked so hard on, but in a new light things just look different..

Anyway today, everything went great. We had a meeting with Nick Knight, and I am really happy since the project is still going strong. Went to a dinner with David Bajt at hoxton. He is just finished with his project now, it´s on the guardians new house close to kings cross.. 
I saw these pictures today before I met him, thought you wanted to see it, it´s apparently an street artist called OTP

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