During the last week my ODD friends (Kalle Tollmar, Kristian Rajnai, Tove Nilsson, Dan Jaget) came to visit London for the fashion week, when they left Yoo-Ri came for the weekend. We had a lot of fun, and I also had so much to do at work so it´s been very hectic the last weeks..

This weekend I went to the broadway market + the flower market. And it was beautiful weather and London was really amazing this weekend.

Having the worst hangover of your life, thinking about a small sandwich and a big coffe, instead this came in, for two! We ate 1/5 of this plate and had the rest as a doggybag.
Went around with a big bag of Paella at the flowermarket. A pund for these flowers, sir let me give you a flower, they were totally crazy.
Let me sit down and rest..

This is from our house party in Hackney. Nhu Dong and Jessica came to the party. 

Nhu is wearing Jessicas beautiful barette.

We ofcourse had to see the new collection at the Maison Margiela shop. I also heard that they were suppose to move.. I like this location. But maybe they found something in a tunnel far far away.

David Bajt and Yoo-Ri relaxing with a glas of wine in the middle of the shopping day. 

Ok, back to the house party, while people were playing the guitar, singing really loud, we talked talked talked. I really miss those great houseparties, its so much fun. Jessica and Nhu were planning to try out west, since you always end up at some bars in east. But they stayed and we had a lot of fun.

David is joining with his so called "guitar skills"
In A Pure Land, an exhibition at the gallery ISIS.  A group show but we only had the chance to see this work by Alyson Shotz.  A reflective, refractive explosion of variable planes of perception, inspiring us to consider ways we have not seen or can yet comprehend; ways which may just be an eyeblink away – a shift in consciousness. Alyson Shotz’ work has been installed at the Guggenheim, New York; the Hirschorn, Washington D.C. and the Cleveland Museum of Art

Alyson Shotz
Alyson Shots
We then went for luch at Busaba Eathai at wardour street, soho. At night its usually literally 50 eters long que, but during luch time its actually quite easy to get a table. The restaurant have really big tables so you have to share it with up to two other groups. But the food is really refreshing, not like the thai food you are used to. I had som chicken rolls, with coconut rice, it was a great experience.

A pic from Broadway market, we went to a knitting shop and bought knitting packs. And I found some really hand made mens shoes for 20 pounds. Great deal.

A night out at Hoxton bar met Kling.

Oh here is not Dan dan any more, he can transform himslef sometimes to Jan Daget. A nice character, I would like to see more often. 

Jerry Bouthier played at almost every party we went to at LFW. 

Jan Daget
Dan Jaget
Jan Daget

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