Charles Avery at Parasol Unit

Yesterday I went to Parasol Unit exhibition with Charles Avery. It was a talk with the curator Tom Morton, curator for Frieze art fair and contributin editor for Frieze and with the Artist Charles Avery.

In his exhibition  The Islanders, Charles Avery plays the invisible man creating this world, or God if you will. During the last 10 years he have created this imaginary island with the citizens living there and all the houses + events happening on this island. Each character is built with a total history on what they are doing, who they know, and personality. After listening to his explanation of this island it was almost like it existed for real. He could talk for hours about one character, this character one day woke up with a nail in his stomach, how much blood he lost etc.
His world is populated with mythical beasts that haunt the residents surroundings.

Many of the natives are addicted to the local delicacy, pickled eggs, which enslaves them to the island. Hunters in tweed jackets and shotguns search out a Kantian dichotomy while hawkers in the local flea market sell pictures of nude women for the price of peace of mind.

He is born in Oban in 1973, grew up on the Isle of Mull. 

You have to see this exhibition at Parasol Unit

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