032c/Berlin - HELMUT LANG

This week: HELMUT LANG ARCHIVE, 1986-2005

This ARTFORUM weekend is the last chance to see HELMUT LANG's
digitized clothing archive in 032c's MUSEUM STORE, in an exhibition
showcasing his nearly three decades of research at the crossroads
of art and fashion.

032c’s MUSEUM STORE is pleased to present the first-ever exhibition of
Helmut Lang’s digitized fashion archive. Of the 10,000 items of Lang’s design
that have been photographed and archived over the past four years,
3,000 were selected to be included in a video documenting his work in fashion,
spanning a period of nearly two decades – and, simultaneously, embodying
his creative role at the crossroads of fashion and art.

Helmut Lang was born in Vienna, Austria in 1956. In 2005, he left the Helmut Lang l
abel and began devoting himself to research and practice in the arts, having
already collaborated with artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Jenny Holzer.
“Alles gleich schwer,” his first institutional solo exhibition, premiered on August 29th,
2008, at Hannover’s kestnergesellschaft, where it will run until November 2nd.
Lang currently lives and works in New York City and Long Island.

This exhibition is realized with support from
In an Absolut World “Alles Gleich Schwer” by Helmut Lang,

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