The BIG project..

..I have been working in soon to be released on SHOWstudio, it´s called Supernova:

COMING UP SUPERNOVA MOMENTS Learning from your mistakes is the most salutary of lessons - the only thing better we reasoned, is learning from someone else's mistakes. That is where our new project 'Supernova Moments' takes its inspiration from. Devised with all the hindsight and insider gossip we could muster, 'Supernova Moments' is all about the learning curve, with three pieces of essential advice in each episode to help you sail through any sticky situation with grace. Each installment provides a unique, insider snapshot of fashion, PR or film - from opportune behaviour on a fashion shoot, to deportment on the red carpet, to the all-important negotiation of the door. Devised by a new guard of illustration talent, featuring characters dressed in the key looks from the A/W 2008 collections and with characters drawn from Nokia's 'Supernova' campaign alongside guest appearances from a host of the most recognisable faces in each industry, every episode is a feast for the eyes. 'Supernova Moments' launches Wednesday 15 October, with a new installment every Monday and Thursday through until our grand finale on Monday 24 November. But that's not the whole story. Our 'Supernova Moments' competition launches Friday 17 October, allowing four of the most stylish SHOWstudio viewers the chance to win a very special prize indeed...

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