Tonight - House of Viktor & Rolf at Barbican

Tonight we are off to see the exhibition by Viktor and Rolf.

The Dutch design duo Viktor and Rolf have launched their exhibition called The House of Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican Art Gallery here in London.

The House of Viktor & Rolf presents each of the designer’s signature pieces from 1992 to now, shown in a specially commissioned and characteristically theatrical installation that dominates the entire Gallery. Highlights include pieces from Atomic Bomb, 1998–99, featuring dramatic mushroom cloud-like cushioned necklines and Russian Doll, 1999–2000, in which a single model was painstakingly dressed by Viktor & Rolf until she was gasping under 70 kilogrammes of exquisite haute couture. For the collection Bells, 2000-2001, models emerged from a smoke-filled space in clothes embroidered with hundreds of brass bells, so they were heard before they could be seen.

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