Goldsmiths MFA degree show

Check out this defaced Damien Hirst/Saatchi Gallery T-shirt by Dan Shaw-Town, at the Goldsmiths MFA degree show:

It's an appropriate diss (as well as a crucial component in Shaw-Town's very poised and encouragingly confusing sculptural installation). The media's obsession – a saga indeed – with Charles Saatchi's annual shopping sprees at the Goldsmiths and Royal College degree shows is a lazy sycophantic fixation that should be jettisoned wholeheartedly, though no doubt the stories will start rolling in next week. Tactical and transient financial anointment by Saatchi is much less than these very bright young artists deserve or need. Thankfully few of them seem concerned with the market, and there isn't much at Goldsmiths that Saatchi will like anyway: it's a cerebral show very short on sensationalism, and the beauty, when it comes, is mostly darkside, conceptual, politically-tinged, delicate or aggressively muted rather than blazing or bombastic.

Text from: Art Review / By James Westcott

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