Jeanne Detallante

Jeanne Detallante belongs to one of the most sort-after fashion illustrators of our time. Born in Paris has been living in New York for the past four years and became internationally renowned through her work for the Italian vogue.

Her work not only depicts the usual pliant but harmless stylistic character usually associated with fashion illustration, but rather an indecisiveness quality that induces a search for its place somewhere between Hans Holbein, David Hockney and Freddie Mercury. Her style fluctuates between conservative accuracy and bohemian representation in which she poses her subjects, for example in front of an abstract sparkly disco background that transgresses their societal role.

Detallante aims at generating insecurity in her audience. At first glance her images appear harmless only to retort a very different visual statement. It has the quality of an amateur photograph in which an effect has unconsciously been conjured, that lends a special significance to the image.

“Being skew is central to my work”, the 29-year old states, “something has to be offset. In contrast to photography, drawing grants me the freedom to compose figures with body parts that don’t match.”

ref: http://www.johanssen-gallery.com/index.php?id=407

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