Sorry for not posting so frequently lately, I´ve been super stressed about things.. Anyway I´m thinking since its a new year soon and I have had a lot of time to do research for a big exhibition I am working on. I accedently saw these absolutly amazing websites that I would like to share with you. So for now my top 5 is:

1. TATE - Have you ever wanted to go to an exhibition with M/M Paris, or listen to Tj Demos talk about the Altermodern, or tristan Manco, Faisal AbduÁllah etc etc, listen to tates absolutly amazing podcasts!!

2. Tanyo Onorato & Nico Krebs - the fantastic Art Duo also behind Bernhard Wilhelms shows
3. R D FRANKS - One of the best hidden fashion book online store.
4. FFFFOUND - It´s a service that allows users to post their best images found on the net and comment on others, really interesting and fun.
5. Tavi the new girl in Town - (Rei Kawakubo - H&MMMMM) I just found her blogspot blog as well, and she is just amazing.

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