Tonight I am going to the preview of Mona Hatoums opening here in London at Parasol Unit foundation.

From the pressrelease I could read this:

This June, Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art will present an exhibition of important
works by the British Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum. The exhibition will present works as yet unseen in London that cover more than a decade of Hatoum’s career. Including large-scale
installations, sculpture and works on paper, this exhibition will illustrate the scope of Hatoum’s varied artistic practice that, through residencies and travels, draws its influence and materials from very different cultures and locales. The works in this show were made in places as diverse as Cairo, Stockholm, Jerusalem, rural France and a shaker community in North America.

Parasol unit
foundation for contemporary art 14 Wharf Road
London N1 7RW / T +44 207 490 7373 / F + 44 207 490 7775
www.parasol-unit.org / info@parasol-unit.org

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