Not only exhibitions in London

The taxi driver asked us if we knew this area, and was really confused why we, two white dudes, wanted to go to this dodgy place. We told him about the party.
We asked if it was okey to walk the 100 numbers up the street if he dropped us of there, he said that it would be best for our own safety to be dropped of right outside the venue..

Deep in the darkest parts of East London is a club that plays on the old skool warehouse rave scene and is as grimy as it is cool.

The Venue
Unless you know the area, Unit 7 can be a little tricky to find. There are no signs, staying true to its rave roots. You have to just guess that it’s at the end of the big entrance to the warehouse estate.

Upon entering, you’re met with a large cloakroom lined with comfy sofas. This is also used as a chill out room later in the night as an escape from the pumping tunes.

Also, once a month on a Saturday, there’s an event called ‘Zombie’s Ate My Brain’ where everyone dresses up as zombies and dances to the sounds of minimal techno. Other nights have famous DJs such as Skull Juice for the Neon Noise Project event. All the nights that are put on here are streets ahead of other clubs and the patrons know and appreciate it.

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