ALTER/MODE: Andrea Ayala Closa

The purpose of the exhibition ALTER/MODE: a world in between: fashion beyond
clothes is to function as a venue of dialogue. The artists Andrea Ayala Closa
and Bogomir Doringer, influenced by different times, spaces and media, redefine
the notion of fashion in the era of globalization. They showcase a world where
fashion meets art; a world sprung from the theory that fashion is separate
from clothes and their functionality – where the contradiction itself becomes a
way through which to observe fashion. Ayala Closa exhibits at the Galleri Jonas
Kleerup and Doringer shows his work at Weld

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Anonym sa...

puuh! puuh! puh! puh!, puh! puh! puh!

Anonym sa...

and very beautiful!!

mieke willems sa...

her work is sooooo soooo good! have no words for it. really wish i was there!