Patternfoundry + Aplace + Jacob

Sorry for being so quit here, but been really hectic. Now finally I will post some of the pics from the party we had with Richard Rhys from Patternfoundry and Dj Secondo + Laurence + Roller Boys. It was a great party, and it really felt like everyone knew eachother form the past. I met a lot of really old friends and people that you never see som much these days, it was great.

The roller boys was great tonight!!

Yourhigness Rollerboys!
Kristian Rajnai, my brother and partner.
Erik the beckmans man! Is having some party next saturday at Knast, we talked about it, dont remember so much but I know I will go.
Ken ken ken, always looks great on pictures!

Mr patternfoundry himself, Richard Rhys!
David Bajt and Kristian Rajnai is talking about something really really starnge..
Our big table at Berns before the party, we celebrated Jacobs 30th birthday, and tried Berns kitchen.

Jacob, got a lot of great gifts, Alice is his girlfriend and he was in Stockholm to celebrate Jacob. We gave him a hotel night at the Berns hotel right after the party.. And my dads old red jacket..

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